Work Visas

Organizations that hire foreign employees must comply with a complex assortment of often-confusing immigration laws and regulations. Deason’s immigration services provide representation to companies that desire to employ foreign national employees from around the globe. Whether you are an agricultural company or farmer seeking to hire labor from Mexico, a manufacturer who requires specialized engineers, or a multinational corporation seeking to start a new venture in the United States, Deason Law provides the full set of services and legal advice to ensure the foreign national gets to the worksite.

The firm assists companies in sponsoring professional employees under the H-1B and various international treaty-based visas, such as the E-3 (Australians), H-1B1 (Chileans) and TN employment of professional employees from Canada and Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement. We have helped employers to hire a wide range of professionals, such as engineers, doctors, teachers, computer and IT professionals, agronomists, animal scientists, sales engineers, logistics managers, and numerous other specialized and professional employees who are key to the growth of your business.

We have also represented multinational companies and other organizations with the transfer of managers, executives and specialized professionals from their foreign subsidiaries to the United States under the L-1A and L-1B visa programs. Such transfers have included movement of specialized accountants, nuclear technicians, IT managers, specialized engineers, executives and presidents and other important talents that whose services are required to support U.S. operations.

We have assisted U.S. employers in obtaining the necessary J visa research scholars, university professors and the establishment of trainee programs for foreign nationals who seek to learn about American business operations. We have successfully obtained waivers to assist doctors who have completed medical residency programs to remain in the United States through one of the numerous waiver programs. We have likewise assisted other professionals to file waivers of the J-1 two-year home residence requirement based on exceptional hardship to U.S. citizen family members.

The firm helps religious organizations in employing ministers and other religious workers under the R-1 visa program. These religious workers are typically sponsored temporarily, but there are also permanent solutions available for churches and other religious organizations that wish to sponsor their R-1 employees for lawful permanent residency.

Deason Law immigration attorneys have assisted actors, artists, executives, and other qualifying individuals to obtain permits under the O and P visa programs.

The firm not only provides immigration services to the United States but also has the capability to provide outbound immigration services to other global locations.

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