Legal Services

Our diverse team of professionals provide a wide array of services in the areas of immigration law, labor and employment law and litigation. The firm is usually hired by clients to obtain temporary work visas for key foreign national employees, assist with employment and family-based permanent residency petitions, represent corporations during government audits and to litigate labor and employment cases.

Work Visas

Organizations that hire foreign employees must comply with a complex assortment of often-confusing immigration laws and regulations. Deason’s immigration services provide representation to companies that desire to employ foreign national employees from around the globe. Whether you are an agricultural company or farmer seeking to hire labor from Mexico, a manufacturer who requires specialized engineers, or a multinational corporation seeking to start a new venture in the United States, Deason Law provides the full set of services and legal advice to ensure the foreign national gets to the worksite.

Employment-Based Residency

Depending on the occupation and employee resume, the firm can help employers determine the most appropriate category of sponsorship and secure the green card based on a full-time offer of employment. We have handled cases for EB-1 multinational managers, EB-2 for advanced degree holders, EB-3 for professional employees, EB-4 for religious workers, and even Schedule A for sheepherders and physical therapists. Typically, most green card applications require a labor market test to ensure a U.S. worker is not negatively impacted by the permanent employment of the foreign national.

Family Immigration & Waivers

The Firm has a dedicated practice to help families and individuals with their delicate immigration matters, which includes helping U.S. citizens or permanent residents petition for spouses, parents, children, siblings, fiancees and other close family members who are living in the United States or abroad. The Firm also provides advice and consultations to undocumented individuals in regard to their legal options, which may include seeking benefits under a special immigration program, proceeding with family sponsorship, etc.


We provide a comprehensive set of services that are aimed at helping foreign investors achieve their U.S. business objectives. The firm is available to help foreign investors evaluate their business plans, provide strategies for staffing the new enterprise, acquiring a U.S. business and to obtain the necessary visa approvals under the E temporary visa. The firm has assisted several foreign investors to set up their U.S. operations, such as import-export companies, customs brokers, manufacturing plants, manufacturers of plastics, IT service providers and other similar business operations

H-2 Foreign Labor

The firm represents growers, farm labor contractors, and other agricultural operations to properly employ foreign H-2A employees during the peak temporary or seasonal times of the year. Similarly, Deason also helps non-agricultural companies, such as construction, landscaping, manufacturers and hospitality companies to employ H-2B labor.

Employment Law & Litigation

The firm’s labor and employment practice is managed by Dax Deason, an attorney who is Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Many of the Firm’s U.S. and multinational corporate clients look to Deason’s employment law services when they need to resolve issues with their personnel, litigate employee lawsuits in the courts, etc.

I-9 Consulting, Audit & Representation

The Firm assists clients with the increasingly complex landscape surrounding I-9 verification issues, including E-Verify participation and electronic recordkeeping, federal contractor compliance, anti-discrimination laws, and the legality of the various documents that employees may present to authorize employment in the United States.

We Are Here To Help

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